Saturday, 14 April 2012

Going to the Games Workshop for the first time

In the morning, on saturday 24th March I went to Games Workshop for the second part of my christmas present from my Uncle James. I waited for the bus and then climbed aboard. I was traveling on an Indigo bus all the way to the Broadmarsh Bus Station. When I arrived I met Uncle James who was waiting for me and we walked into the city center. We past lots of different kinds of shops, there was people singing, playing guitar and there was a old farmer showing his barn owl to everyone. Uncle James and I thought it was lovely and it wasn't long before we came to Games Workshop.

Before we walked in we admired the figures in the window that Games Workshop had painted, they were amazing. After entering, a person came up to us and asked if we would like a painting lesson. Uncle James asked how much would it be and he replied "it's free." So we sat down and we were both given a Space Marine. We were told to get the right sized brush and cover the entire model in blue apart from the gun. Next we painted the gun and the camera on his head chain-mail colour. We then had to paint the base and our models were finished. We then had a game with a person called Matt. I wiped out all Uncle James's Space Marines then I wiped out his Space Marine leader and my Orks won!

After we had finished  playing, we went to sit by the water fountain to eat our lunch. Uncle James did not have anything so we had to go to Sainsburys to buy his.
While we where eating I asked Uncle James about what we should buy.
Then after lunch we walked back to the Games Workshop and I bought some spray paint, a box of 12 Chaos Warriors and 3 small pots of paint.

A little later Aunty Jo came and drove us back to my house and I showed my Mum and Dad the figures that we had painted. Then I finished off my two Lord Of The Rings figures and then I painted the black undercoat on the Undead Necromancer that Uncle James's friend had given to me. 

Thanks a lot Uncle James it was a great day :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012